Showing & Selling our Exotic Shorthairs.
Located in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Milbury Cattery

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~Please see our lovely Male & Female Milbury breeders & Show cats below~
We are a PKD-DNA tested Clear cattery.

See photos of all our current cats at bottom of this page. ALL cat's living in our home & cattery are pictured below-except where noted :retired. We stay very small, for the health and happiness of our cats! We keep 8 or less adults in our large home devoted to our cats, we do not cage.
Please enjoy your visit!
See link below for Information on the Exotic cat breed.

Located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada. We ship anywhere West Jet flies within Canada ONLY.

Updated: September, 2018
CFA, CCA & ACFA Registered cattery. We show our cats in all three organizations.
CCA Exotic Breed Section Secretary 2009-2017
Current President of the Fundy Fanciers, CCA affliated cat club serving Region 3 members. Please see link below to join or e-mail me for a membership form, all cat lovers are welcome! OUR NEXT CLUB HOSTED CAT SHOW is October 27 & 28, 2018 at the Halifax Forum, Halifax, N.S..
CCA Fundy Fanciers linkCCA link
Show & Companion Exotic Shorthair kittens available.
Currently breeding Exotics in Solids (specializing in blues & creams), Tabbies, parti-colors & Bi-colors. Plus smokes in all colours available, like icing on a cake the colour highlights the white undercoat.
No Color points. No White's. NO BLUE EYES
    ~Please see our lovely Male & Female Milbury breeders & Show cats below~
    Patriarch of the cattery:Deceased "RW,GRC,GP Milbury Cadbury, LA, CNW", blue, Exotic Shorthair.(CH Fluffy Angel hrh Cossel x RW CH Ladiluck Reeses Pieces).PKD-DNA clear. Clear of any heart defects by Cardiogram/Echo/Ultrasound by a board Certified cardiologist. Shown at 1 yr & 2 years. Photos by Blue Sky photography & Heather Ingram-Kaiser.
    REGIONAL BEST CAT IN EASTERN CANADA IN THE ACFA-2007/2008! CCA NATIONAL WINNER for 2006-2007 show year! Regional winner (1st) and BEST of BREED Nationally in CCA! ACFA Regional Winner 2006/07 (3rd)! CCA Double Grand Champion & ACFA Grand Champion! Best of Breed winner & multiple all-breed finalist including many, many Bests in Show. "Multiple BEST of the BEST" winner. 5 time regional winner. Legecy of Achievement winner. The greatest temperament on the planet. See his daughter and grand daughters now in our breeding program below.
    More photos of "Cadbury"

    Our current breeding male: "SMGC Milbury Derek Jeter, CNW" aka Jeter, black & white, Exotic Shorthair.(GC Panei's Dust'n the Wind, CRW x GC Milbury Wisteria Lane, CRW), Shown at 4 weeks and 1 year. Photos by Stephanie Robar of Picture This Photography and Bluesky.
    Expect his babies in 2017. Multiple Best kitten in show winner and BEST of the BEST kitten in show winner. 1 Show Grand Champion, Best of the Best winner at 9 months in Toronto! Multiple BEST of the BEST winner every time shown in Ontario and the Maritimes. Canadian National Winner for 2016!

    Our current breeding male: "CH Milbury Bryce Harper, CRW" aka Harper, Cream classic tabby & white, Exotic Shorthair.(GRC Lilacwind Jet Li of Milbury, CRW x GRC Lilacwind Pixelated, CRW), Shown at 3 months. Photo by Heather Ingram-Kaiser.
    Harper is a very special baby to us, I bottle fed him from birth and he stills wants to be carried and cuddled like a baby even at 14 lbs! He is Homozygous for Shorthair

    Our past breeding male: NOW RETIRED: "GC Panei's Dust'n the Wind" CRW, Blue, Exotic Shorthair, male.PKD-DNA clear. CFA 2 show grand. ACFA 2 Show Grand.
    Congratulations to Rick and Catherine for adopting Dusty, see his babies in our breeding program below! Sire of SMGC Milbury Derek Jeter, CNW

    Retired: "GC Lilacwind Jet Li of Milbury, CRW" aka Jett, blue, Exotic Shorthair.(GC Sunblests Blue Nile (Europe)x CH Spellbound Magic), Shown at 2 years.
    Multiple best in Show winner & BEST of the BEST. Grand Champion in the Canadian Cat Association and American Cat Fanciers Association and Regional winner. Watch for his upcoming kittens in 2015. He is the father of all our 2015 kittens and passes on his loving temperament. Thank-you so much Linda for helping me out with my breeding program.

    Current breeding female:"Passion Feline Mariloup Wolfe of Milbury" aka "Puff Puff", Cream Persian, female. Sire:D'eden lover Ibanez of Passion Feline (GC DW D'Eden Lover GippsxD'Eden Lover Godzila) and dam: Passion Feline Happy TChoo (GC D'Eden Lover Rumeur of Passion Feline x CH Passion Feline Dot-com). Shown as a kitten and 9 months.
    Thank you so much to breeder Isabelle for a healthy, sweet loving girl.

    Current breeding female: "CH Zotcatz Bluebelle of Milbury, aka "Belle" Blue-cream Smoke, Exotic Shorthair. Sire: Demanch Lexus x Dam: Tugboat Pricilla
    Look for her kittens born in 2018, bred to Milbury Bryce Harper.

    Current breeding female:"GRC Milbury Dragonfly in Amber, CRW" aka Amber from our 2016 fall litters. Brown Patched Tabby & white, Exotic Shorthair. Sire: CH Milbury Bryce Harper, CRW x Dam:Zotcatz Anabelle
    Look for her kittens in 2018 with Derek Jeter.

    Current breeding female:"Milbury Sylabelle" from our 2016 spring litters. Blue, Exotic Shorthair. Sire: GC Lilacwind Jet Li, CRW Dam:Zotcatz Anabelle
    Look for her kittens in 2018 with Derek Jeter.

    Current breeding female:"Milbury Kinder" from our 2016 spring litters. Blue-cream, Exotic Shorthair. Sire: GC Lilacwind Jet Li, CRW Dam:Milbury Caravelle
    Look for her kittens in 2019 with Derek Jeter.

    Retired dam of Bryce Harper:"GC Lilacwind Pixalated of Milbury, CRW" aka "Pixie", Blue Patched Classic Tabby & White, female. Sire:GC Lilacwind Jersey,CNW and dam: Purrtykatz Jazzmine. Shown at 4 months.
    Our newest GRAND CHAMPION AND BEST of the BEST winner in Ontario! 2nd Best of Breed in Canada 2014. Mom of our newest breeding male- Bryce Harper.

    RW,GC Milbury Wisteria Lane at 1 year. Photo by Heather Ingram Kaiser.
    GC Wisteria Lane at 8 months.
    Retired dam of Derek Jeter:"RW,GC Milbury Wisteria Lane" aka "Lane", Show quality, Exotic Shorthair, female, Calico. PKD DNA Clear.(GRC Once in an Odd Moon x Panei's Hollyhocks). Finished 16th Nationally last year! CCA Best Cat in the Region 09/10 and a Regional kitten winner in same show season. Grand Champion in two Associations. Christmas photos at 8 months. Photos by Blue Sky.
    Best of the Best kitten winner! Grand Champion! Regional kitten winner and BEST CAT in region 3-2010, 16th Nationally. Congratulations to Kay and Fred for adopting Laney. Mother of our stud boy, Derek Jeter

    NOW RETIRED sister to Derek Jeter:"RW, GC Milbury Tootsie Roll, CNW" aka "Toots", from our 2011 spring kittens. Tortoiseshell, Exotic Shorthair, female. Sire:GC Milbury Cadbury,CNW and dam: GC Milbury Wisteria Lane. See parents above.
    BEST of the BEST WINNER everytime shown as a kitten and Champion Adult in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. What an amazing girl in temperment and type. 3rd Best kitten Nationally in the CCA and Best kitten in Region 3. Grand Champion! Best of Breed Nationally 2012-13! Cat and kitten National Winner- First Double Crown winner in Atlantic Canada. Only cat bred in Atlantic Canada to accomplish this feat. Congratulations to Deena for adopting Tootsie.

    Persian lines in our pedigrees include d'Eden Lover, Panei, Fluffy Angel, Barmont, Q-T Cats, Vickits, Bolo, Cattrax, Kitty Charm, Fountainhead, Jovan, Polcann, Meadowlark, South Paw, Purrty Katz, Cobby Corp, Skyhy, Anz & more!

    Exotic lines in our pedigrees include Panei, Spellbound, Grandaries, Ladiluck, Party Wai EX, Aziza, Kikicat, Croquanchat, Ticat's, Dunlora, Luvlypurr's, Jovan & more!

    ATTENTION: This is not a business, it is a not for profit hobby and labour of love. We provide the highest possible Veterinary care and best food to our kittens and use the best lines with parents, who are Winners and invest a fortune in showing our cats. I work from home as kittens require around the clock care and give up Vacations as having a cattery does not allow that. Therefore we do not make money on our kittens and so not sell to those with that intention. We do not support back-yard breeders with no desire to improve the breed, which includes the health of the breed. We do not support breeders that do not PKD-DNA test, those that do not are breeding cat's with Poly-cystic kidney disease a horrible, deadly disease seen in 45% of all Persian, Himalayan, Exotics and any breed of cat with those breeds in them (Many!). Most cat breeders out there are backyard breeders and breeders who do not show their cats should be a huge WARNING sign to a buyer. Please do not support back-yard breeders & those who do not show their breeding cats, they are no different then kitten and puppy mills and do not care about anything other then making $200. PLEASE do not accept a kitten less then 10-12 weeks old, only backyard breeders let their kittens go before this age, because they do not care about the welfare of the kittens they produce. Another warning sign should be those who sell kittens in newspapers or kijiji & have no guarantees or provide registration with your kitten. Why we do not sell breeders to those who do not show or have an interest in showing. We breed for the love of the Exotic breed, showing our home-bred cats and passion for feline sport. The kittens we have for sale are those we have chosen not to show ourselves. All of our cats in our home are listed on this website and photos have not been altered.

    For more information about our cattery & available kittens please e-mail me at . We are always happy to answer any questions or inquires. If e-mails are not replied to within 48 hours I did not get it, please send again. Please contact us for your next family member, Show Champion or Champion producer.

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